How to get better photos at your wedding 

One of the biggest obstacles to getting great photos on a wedding day is time, the lack of time that is, and whenever I see a couple running a little behind on their wedding day, I see that time coming from time they allowed for photos, resulting in either missed or rushed photos.


So what can be done? 

Prioritise & prepare to make the best use of your time.  

Prioritise :-  Decide what things are important to you & allow time to enjoy those things on your wedding day.

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Preparation :-  Writing an itinerary will give you a better idea of how much time you have available on your wedding day, help you to keep track of time on your wedding day & help you to better plan & organise your day, As well as help your guests & vendors know where they need to be & at what time they need to be ready or arrive. It will also help your photographer, check that everything is in order.  Your itinerary should be detailed, accurate & realistic, & include things like travel time between locations. 


A few common areas where couples tend to fall behind on their wedding day and a few tips to help you stay on time. 

Preparation / Hair & makeup :-  A hair & makeup trial can save a lot of time on the day. By trial fitting your dress, it should take you less time to get into on the day, make sure the boys know how to tie their ties, leave out the items you would like photographed so your photographer can keep busy & make the best use of their time. The closer you both are getting ready to each other, the less time will be wasted in travel time. And lastly, plan to finish your hair & makeup early as this is one of the main areas where brides run over time on a wedding day. 

Wedding DetailsWedding Details

Travel between locations :-  The more photo locations you choose, the more time you will spend driving, parking, packing up & unpacking. 

Milling around after the ceremony :- This is one area where couples often do not allow enough time on their wedding day, being such a nice part of the day to catch up with family & friends, its so easy to get carried away & loose track of time. A friendly annoncement over the P.A. system that it's time for you to head off to your location photo shoot will help remind all that you are on a schedule. 

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Group photos :-  Formal family photos can take up a lot of time if not organised properly,  Decide beforehand who you want to include in your formal group photos & let those people know beforehand that they will be required for group photos. Make an announcement to let them know when & where they are required. Ask a friend to help round up these people so you are not wasting time standing around waiting for them. 


Being better prepared & organised, will give you more confidence that things will work out on your wedding day, leaving you more relaxed & able to enjoy your day, & this will reflect in your photos.

Ask yourself what things can I do before the wedding to give me more time on my wedding day?