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Hello my name is David Brown & I am a Wedding Photographer in the Wollongong, Illawarra, Shoalhaven, South Coast & Southern Highland  regions. My purpose for creating this blog is to share useful information regarding Weddings & Wedding Photography.  

A little planning and preparation will help your wedding day run a lot smoother, improve your wedding photos, and allow you to better enjoy your big day.


The planning

 Allowing extra time on your wedding day, will leave you more relaxed should something go wrong, allowing you time to catch up.  
If you are planning an out door ceremony, make sure you have a plan b, in case of bad weather, and include your alternative location on your invitations. And don't forget to take some umbrellas.  
Choosing venues like estates and wineries can offer you not just loads of character and charm, but often a beautiful location for your ceremony with wet weather options close by, great photographic opportunities and even somewhere to stay over night, all in the one place, leaving you more time to spend with your family and friends.  
Money saving tips Saturdays are the most popular days for weddings, and so they tend to be the most expensive for venues. Choosing a Friday or Sunday wedding can really help you save.  

If you already have everything you need for the home, why not have your guests pay for their meal instead of buying you another toaster.

Rather then you both getting preparation photos done at the same time, which would require a second photographer, & extra cost, why not have your photographer photograph you one after the other. 

Reducing the distance between where you are both getting your preparation photos will reduce your travel time on the day, & save you money.

A pre wedding shoot is a great way to get to know your photographer, become more comfortable in front of the camera, trial ideas, locations  and be better prepared for your wedding day.

Preparation photos  tend to look better in a large clean and clutter free room that has plenty of natural light. With enough room for your bridesmaids, makeup artists, family members & photographers.

Plan to have your makeup almost complete as your photographer arrives.

Hang up your dress, set out your shoes, jewellery, perfume, bouquet etc, so your photographers can make the best use of there time.

Plan to be dressed & ready ahead of schedule to allow plenty of time for group photographs.

Watch how to tie a tie (Full Windsor) here 

The ceremony I know your excited, but if you run down the aisle, your photographer may miss out on capturing an awesome image of the reaction on your grooms face, when he first sees you. Also try and allow some room between you and each of your brides maids, to allow your photographer to get  nice clean shots.  
Ask for help ask a friend that knows your families to help find them and organise them for your group photos.  
Lunch you need to eat something!!, something simple and not to messy like a wrap, and a bottle of water will help keep your energy up and keep you smiling on your location shoot.  
The best time of day for photos is said to be an hour before sunset, which photographers call the golden hour, the light has a warmer colour, and is less intense, which gives more pleasing results and its also cooler then, if your in a wedding dress or a suit. But even after the sun goes down, don't forget you can still get some really amazing photos. Find sunset times for Wollongong here  
Brides survival kit making up a kit for yourself of things you may need, will help put your mind at ease, include in your kit things like, wet wipes, makeup,  a hair brush, a mirror, band aids, sun block, safety pins, cotton buds, a nail file, tweezers, toothpicks, white chalk, makeup remover, mouthwash, a nail buffer, a sewing kit, medication, flat shoes or heel savers, etc.  
Why hire a professional photographer  photographing weddings can present a unique set of challenges, such as, shooting under various weather conditions,  in the mid day sun, in poorly lit venues and under mixed lighting. Obtaining consistently good results under these conditions, will require the right equipment, knowledge and experience. Professionals will use their skills in lighting, direction, composition, and editing, as well as the use of off camera lighting, light modifiers, and fast lenses, to produce beautiful creative images.  

Choosing a wedding photographer many find they get caught up in comparing one photographers wedding package to another's, which can be confusing, as no two packages are the same, just as no two photographers are the same. Each will have there own style, experience, knowledge, equipment, personality and products. As a result even packages that look similar can vary dramatically, with some photographers spending many hours on editing and others just a few hours, albums can vary from inexpensive press printed books, with thin pages, to hard cover albums with thick pages and photographic prints.

So how do you choose..? Keep it simple! Find a photographer who's work you love, that is within your budget and available. Arrange to meet them, and if you like them, book them.

When searching for a photographer who's work you love, keep in mind that some companies will employ more than one photographer, and some many photographers, of  various skill levels, creativity and experience. So ask who would be your photographer on the day, and if you can view their work. Also when considering your budget keep in mind, things like extra hours, and extra pages in albums, could double the price of your package.

How far in advance should you book your wedding photographer ? Given that each photographer is unique with regards to their style & personality, if you find someone you like, don't hesitate to book them as you will not find another just like them. Most brides are booking six to twelve months in advance or more.  
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photographic styles ... learning a few different styles of photography can help you choose which ones are for you.  
hover over the images for descriptions of each image, or click on any of the images to see more examples.  
Window lightWindow lightWindow Light Photographic Style Example Silhouette / black & white / vignetteSilhouette / black & white / vignetteSilhouette Photographic Style Example MacroMacroMacro Photographic Style Example
Leading LinesLeading LinesLeading Lines Photographic Style Example Back lit / sunsetBack lit / sunsetBack lit / Sunset Photographic Style Example High KeyHigh KeyHigh Key Photography - Style Example
Black & whiteBlack & whiteBlack & White Photographic Style Example High Key Black & WhiteHigh Key Black & WhiteHigh Key Photographic Style Example PhotojournalisticPhotojournalisticPhotojournalostic Photographic Style Example
From aboveFrom aboveFrom Above Photography - Style Example High  keyHigh keyHigh Key Photographic Style - Example From AboveFrom AboveFrom Above Photographic Style Example
Shallow depth of field BrideShallow depth of field BrideShallow Depth of Field Photographic Style Example Window light / detailsWindow light / detailsWindow Light Photography - Style Example Out of focusOut of focusOut of Focus Photographic Style Example
Lens flareLens flareLens Flare Photographic Style Example Shallow depth of field Bride & GroomShallow depth of field Bride & GroomShallow Depth of field - Photographic Style Example Shallow depth of fieldShallow depth of fieldShallow Depth of Field Photographic Style - Example
Tilt shiftTilt shiftTilt Shift Photographic Style Example Back lit / mixed lightingBack lit / mixed lightingBacklit Photographic Style Example Available lightAvailable lightAvailable Photographic Style Example
Low angleLow angleLow Angle Photographic Style Example Dutch tiltDutch tiltDutch Tilt Photographic Style Example Out of focus highlights detailOut of focus highlights detailOut of Focus Highlights - Photography - Style Example
Light paintingLight paintingLight Painting Photographic Style Example Out of focus highlightsBlue hour/out of focus highlights PolaroidsPolaroidsPolaroids Photographic Style Example
ShadowsShadowsShadows Photographic Style Example Double exposureDouble exposureDouble Exposure Photographic Style Example Landscape portraitLandscape portraitLandscape Portrait Photographic Style Example



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Wedding Photography Locations ... Choosing a great location for your wedding photos can make a big difference in how well they turn out. I have listed some of the more popular wedding photography locations in the Wollongong, Illawarra area, and have also included some locations for the more adventurous amongst us. Click on any image to view more locations.


Sandon point is located at the end of Point Street in Bulli. It has extensive views up and down the coast,  rustic boat sheds, interesting coastline, and plenty of onsite parking. There is room on top of the head land for a ceremony. And it has wheelchair access and public toilets.

boat sheds at sandon pointsandon point boat shedsSandon Point boat sheds Photo shoot location sandon point walk way to beachsandon point walk waySandon Point walk way Photo shoot location rock pools at sandon pointsandon point - rock poolsSandon Point rock pools Photo shoot location
sandon point beachsandon point - beachSandon Point beach Photo shoot location sandon point beachsandon point rock platformSandon Point rock platform Photo shoot location boat sheds at sandon poit bulliboat sheds at sandon pointBoat sheds at Sandon Point Photo shoot location
Rhododendron Gardens  are located in Parrish Ave Mount Pleasant on 32 acres of land under the summit of Mt Keira. It is a very scenic location ideal for a ceremony, with a cleared area opposite a large pond, that has a gazebo styled jetty hanging out over its edge. There are lots of pathways and walking trails that lead you up to a rain forest section at the top of the gardens. This location has many photographic opportunities, plenty of onsite parking wheelchair access and public toilets.
brick pathway at the rhododendron gardensRhododendron Gardens brick pathwayRhododendron Gardens - Photo shoot - location Rhododendron Gardens lake reflectionsRhododendron Gardens pondRhododendron Gardens pond Photo shoot location leaf covered pathway at the rhododendron gardensRhododendron Gardens leaf covered pathwayRhododendron Gardens leafy pathway - Photo shoot location
Rhododendron Gardens reflectionsRhododendron Gardens reflectionsRhododendron Gardens Photo shoot location Rhododendron Gardens pathwayRhododendron GardensRhododendron Gardens pathway - Photo shoot location Rhododendron Gardens lake reflectionsRhododendron Gardens lakeRhododendron Gardens - Photo shoot location
Mount Keira Scout Camp is accessed via a private road running off Mt Keira Road. There are a few options at this location, to hold your ceremony, The Glen is a natural rain forest setting that is paved and has power available, and is just opposite The Lodge that can be booked as an alternative wet weather location. The Lodge is a charming timber and sandstone building with exposed timber beams and a large open fireplace that may also be booked for your reception. The Bush Chapel is a stunning natural amphitheatre surrounded by pristine rain forest. As you walk the trail to The Bush Chapel you will pass large boulders and tree ferns and hear the sound of birds singing, on approach you will see a huge boulder to your left and giant fig tree, rustic timber seats and a stone platform. And I think you will be impressed. The camp has Plenty of onsite parking as well as wheelchair access to The Lodge and The Glen.
pathway to the bush chapelbush chapel pathway Mt KeiraBush chapel pathway - Photo shoot location Mt Keira scout camp bush chapelbush chapel mt keira scout campbush chapel Mt Keira - Photo shoot location path way to the bush chapel Mt keira scout campbush chapel pathwaybush chapel Photo shoot location
Mt Keira scout camp bush chapelbush chapelbush chapel - Photo shoot location Mt Keira scout camp bush chapelbush chapel scout campbush chapel scout camp Photo shoot location walkway to the bush chapel Mt KeiraBridge to bush chapelbridge to bush chapel Photo shoot location
pathway to bush chapelpathway to bush chapelpathway to bush chapel Photo shoot location the lodge Mt keira scout campthe lodgethe lodge - Photo shoot location the glen Mt Keira scout campthe glenthe glen - Photo shoot location
Wollongong Botanic Gardens  are an ideal location for wedding photography, with so many different scenic areas that change with the seasons, and its close proximity to the centre of Wollongong, its not hard to see why it is such a popular location. There is Plenty of on street parking as well as some onsite parking. Wheelchair access is good and there are public toilets onsite. Many of the areas within may also be booked for a wedding ceremony.
gazebo at the wollongong botanic gardenswollongong botanic gardens gazebobotanis gardens gazebo - Photo shoot location Japanese Bridge at the wollongong botanic gardensJapanese Bridge wollongong botanic gardensJapanese Bridge - Photo shoot location deciduous tree wollongong botanic gardenswollongong botanic gardens treeBotanic Gardens tree - Photo shoot location
park bench wollongong botanic gardenswollongong botanic gardens seatBotanic Gardens - seat - Photo shoot location pathway to rainforest wollongong botanic gardenspathway to rainforest gardenRainforest Garden - Photo shoot location backlit tree wollongong botanic gardenswollongong botanic gardens backlit treeBotanic Gardens - backlit tree - Photo shoot location
Wollongong Harbour  features the very attractive & iconic Breakwater Lighthouse, which looks great in photos, as do timber jetties, break walls, boat harbours and sandstone walls. If you are after a seaside look, then this location is an easy choice. There is plenty of parking, wheelchair access, but no public toilets. 
wollongong harbour break wallwollongong harbour BreakwallWollongong harbour breakwall - Photo shoot location lighthouse at wollongong harbourwollongong lighthouseWollongong Lighthouse - Photo shoot location lighthouse view wollongong harbourwollongong Boat harbourWollongong boat harbour - Photo shoot location
Wollongong Court house  is right in the city's centre, with its grand columns, archways and doors, it makes a great backdrop for formal wedding photos. And being under cover, it also makes a great wet weather location, that can become quite popular on wet days. There is wheelchair access to some areas, limited parking and no public toilets.
stairs at wollongong court housewollongong court house staircaseWollongong court house staris - Photo shoot location wollongong court house archwaywollongong court house archWollongong court house arch - Photo shoot location wollongong court house panel doorswollongong court house doorWollongong Court House door - Photo shoot location view of clock tower wollongong court housewollongong court house archwaysWollongong court house archways - Photo shoot location
Lake Illawarra Foreshore  is one of few locations in the Illawarra, where the sun sets over the water, which can result in some very dramatic images. There are some very cool trees, timber jetties, reeds and raised walkways along this eastern side of the lake. There is plenty of parking at these locations and good wheelchair access. Public toilets can be found in Windang Memorial Park or Boronia Park in Windang. 
coral tree at suset Lake illawarra foreshoreLake illawarra foreshore coral treeLake Illawarra coral tree - Photo shoot location jetty and reeds Lake illawarra foreshoreLake illawarra foreshoreLake Illawarra foreshore - Photo shoot location sun setting Lake illawarraLake illawarra foreshore sunset reedsLake Illawarra sunset reeds - Photo shoot location
Macquarie Pass  is a beautiful yet challenging location, that requires a little more planning and preparation, so be prepared to hitch up your dress and swap your shoes for gum boots, to take full advantage of this unique site. So if you like the rain forest look and think your up to the challenge, I would suggest choosing a photographer that has the experience, equipment and skills to give you the best results. There is plenty of parking at this location, but wheelchair access is not good, and there are no public toilets.
waterfall at macquarie passmacquarie pass waterfallMacquarie pass waterfall - Photo shoot location knotted tree macquarie passmacquarie pass knotty treeMacquarie pass - knotty tree - Photo shoot location fallen tree over stream at macquarie passmacquarie passMquarie Pass - Photo shoot location
Shellharbour Harbour  is a small boat harbour that has a real rustic feel. It can be accessed through either Grey Park, which features a gazebo, some large figtrees, and a small sandy beach. And has good wheelchair access, public toilets and lots of parking. Or Little Park, if you you can't find a parking spot next to Grey Park. Grey Park also makes for a nice night time photo shoot location. 
grey park shellharbour at nightshellharbourShellharbour - Photo shoot location shellharbour harbour break wallshellharbour harbour BreakwallShellharbour Harbour breakwall - Photo shoot location shellharbour harbour break wallshellharbour harbourShellharbour Harbour - Photo shoot location
Killalea  also known as The Farm, has stunning views from the headland to the beach below, right down to Rangoon Island. There is a large cleared area on top of the headland, where you can hold a ceremony to take full advantage of these views. There is also a gazebo to get married in, with a large figtree behind it & an old stone wall. There is plenty of parking onsite, public toilets & wheelchair access.
coral tree with hole through it at killaleakillalea holy treeKillalea holy tree - Photo shoot location gazebo and large figtree at killaleakillalea gazeboKillalea gazebo - Photo shoot location firtree at killaleakillalea treeKillalea - tree - Photo shoot location
Cathedral Rocks  have long been popular with photographers. Located at the south end of Jones Beach in Kiama Downs, these interesting rock formations make for a stunning backdrop. This site is at its best, at low tide, when access to the cave is possible. Parking is located halfway down Jones Beach and public toilets are at the north end of the beach.
Cathedral Rocks caveCathedral Rocks CaveCathedral Rocks Cave - Photo shoot location view of Cathedral Rocks from inside caveCathedral RocksCathedral Rocks - Photo shoot location view of Cathedral RocksCathedral Rocks BeachCathedral rocks beach - Photo shoot location
Kiama Harbour  is a very picturesque area, with a walkway that leads along the waters edge, lined with palms and norfolk pines. Some small fishing boats and pleasure craft are moored in the harbour, and there is a rustic timber jetty nearby. Just a short walk away you will find the Kiama Blow Hole and Kiama Lighthouse. Public toilets are located at the information centre and wheelchair access is good. There is plenty of parking, but it can get busy around holiday times.
break wall Kiama HarbourKiama Harbour BreakwallKiama Harbour breakwall - Photo shoot location Kiama Harbour wharfKiama HarbourKiama Harbour - Photo shoot location Kiama Harbour - sunsetKiama Harbour - sunsetKiama Harbour - sunset - Photo shoot location
Saddleback Mountain  has extensive views up and down the the coast, right out to the ocean, over lush farmland and rolling green hills, to distant mountain ranges. The road leading up to the lookout takes you past rustic dry stone walls and white timber fences. Public toilets are located at the top of Saddleback Mountain lookout and parking at the lookout is good.
large figtree and white fences at Saddleback MountainSaddleback MountainSaddlsback Mt - Photo shoot location Saddleback Mountain paddockSaddleback Mountain cowsSaddleback Mt - cows - Photo shoot location
dry stone wall with rolling green hills at Saddleback MountainSaddleback Mountain dry stone wallSaddleback Mt dry stone wall - Photo shoot location the view from Saddleback Mountain lookoutSaddleback Mountain lookoutSaddleback Mt lookout - Photo shoot location
 Other Locations ...  click on images to view more locations.  
sun setting over lake illawarrasunset jetty Boonerah PointBoonerah Point - sunset - Photo shoot location bombo photoshoot locationbomboBombo - Photo shoot location
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